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I played a gig!

2007-08-14 23:30:37 by Trinidex

And it was AWESOME. Seriously, went a lot better than I thought it would. It was a school concert, but we got to pick our own songs. There was about 8 other bands there so it made for a great night out.

We played:
*Dying in Your Arms by Trivium
*Ace of Spades by Motorhead

Now unfortunately our proper singer was sick with flu, so I had to sing the first song (we got another guy to do Ace of Spades). And since I was sick with flu as well, I think I did an alright job ;)

Anyway, drop a comment, tell me what you think, don't be too harsh :P


And if you're in a good mood, add us on Myspace

HUGE thanks to Renee who filled in for our drummer for the first song.
Mad props to sam for drumming backwards because of a broken foot XD

Also happy Clock Day.


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2007-08-19 12:43:45

Music is always sexy. Camra was shot though. Ill be looking to hear from you if you actually record anything exct in a studio or with better equipment. Check my page for some of my guitar skittlez. XD we made an easy song but who cares. Its still the <3


2007-08-23 07:17:25

oh dude you should have played something from job for a cowboy they rock !!!!!