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Halloween? Or regular submission? +DALEK!

2007-09-08 12:20:19 by Trinidex

So... I've been working on a music video for a short while, a lemon demon (see my first post). And it's coming along nicely, if a little slowly.


Do you think I should complete it in time to submit it for Halloween? get it in the collection, etc.? With it being a sort of evil theme and wizardy it would probably suit it. Or would I be better just sending it in as a regular submission? To avoid the influx of other great movies and mass voters on 'ween?

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Also, I made a shitty animation for my neighbor's web page (he has his own business). Now the guy's usually drunk on the weekends, meaning he forced $100 on me for this piece of shit. Not bad ey? I'm actually rather fond of the Dalek.

So yep, comment bitches. I'm off for a cuppa what what.

Halloween? Or regular submission? +DALEK!


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2007-09-08 17:13:11

Try releasing it on november 14th. It's far enough after halloween to avoid mass voters.
I didn't really get the dalek until I thought about it, but then it was pretty funny.