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EXTREME RIFFS (New audio + band plug)

2007-10-14 08:55:26 by Trinidex

Hey guys, just a quick bit of shameless self advertising. Check out my new audio submission! It's just a quick bit of demo music from a practice session we had. Our drummer couldn't make it so we tried writing a bit of original music. Let me know what you think!

We have Matt on lead guitar, Michael on rhythm and Me on bass. Enjoy?

If you want to hear (a little) more, check out our Myspace page. Where there's a two and a half minute recording of general riffing and some inane chatter :) if you're interested, add us! We're whoring out our URL!

That's enough for now, happy Sunday.


EXTREME RIFFS (New audio + band plug)


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2007-10-14 09:10:42

That's good. Except for the part in the background.


2007-10-14 13:15:34

Thats a good pic for ms paint.