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Care to review? Plus music plugs!

2007-11-02 07:18:44 by Trinidex

Well, I was a little dissapointed when my halloween submission oonly recieved one review. I know it's fairly short and it only got a 3.1, but let me know what you think anyway?

This post needs more content, so how about checking out or shit band on myspace? We're playing a cover of Hangar 18 on the 12th of November, so expect me to spam a video of that on the BBS and my blog.


Check out Serj Tankian's new album. It's freely available to listen to on his myspace (online). If you're an old SOAD fan or interested in hearing his new music, check it out. Personall I love it. Listening to it at the moment as a matter of fact <3.

Notable songs:
-Empty Walls
-The Unthinking Majority
-Saving Us
-Sky is Over
-Lie Lie Lie
-Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Well those are my favorites, check it out!

So yeah, leave a review on my toon, and I'll make another post at some point, enjoy our new band logo as the picture of the post ^_^

Care to review? Plus music plugs!


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