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What I'm working on - A Lemon Demon!

2007-07-27 04:25:58 by Trinidex

So these lemon demon music videos always seem well received, if they are done well that is. And so far I think mine is being done well. Here's a preview, tell me what you think, add some comments and stuff.


Mainly as a tribute to the new Harry Potter book (fantastic by the way). But also for fun. I need a nice easy project to keep me busy.

IN OTHER NEWS. My band is opening for a gig on August 14th which should be good (opening, meaning we're the shitty support band). It'll be our first gig so we're all looking forward to it, If I can get it filmed I'll probably post it on here at some point.

So leave some comments on the flash movie, and I'll probably respond, and I'll post again on the front page same time next week just to update, thanks for reading!


What I'm working on - A Lemon Demon!


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2007-07-27 06:17:49

:D It's trinidex :D

Trinidex makes me happeh :DDDD

nice HP flash :D