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2008-02-02 09:59:13 by Trinidex


New UserPage!

2007-12-31 23:18:50 by Trinidex

Aye, I decided to actually have some decent Icons and stuff, so I took an hour or so out of my EXTREMELY busy schedule (except not) to do a couple. How do they look?

I really should post here more often, but I've not got much to talk about. Be happy with this drawing. The left arm/hand (his left) is a little off, but I don't really care, just a doodle. Second full drawing with my new *Wacom Intuos3 9x12*. Hot.

Also, happy new year NG. Have a great '08

New UserPage!

Hahaha, played by USthat is. Fuck yeah.

So yeah, we managed to grab ourselves another shot at playing live, FINALLY (since we sucked so much balls last time we played)! The main reason our band formed is to play live shows and have major fun, so that's what were finally getting after constant practices :D

A friend of mine, Dylan is having a party at his house especially so we can play, there will be us, and our good buddies Pablo Mantis, Also, we play mainly heavy metal, and Mantis play rock and indie, should be an interesting mix.

But regardless, it should be an excellent night full of headbanging and guitar solos. Our set list thus far is:

Aerials - System of a Down
Dying in your arms - Trivium
Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth
Dissident Aggressor - Judas Priest (Slayer version)
Hangar 18 - Megadeth
Ace of Spades - Motorhead

Now, I don't really care if you like those songs or not, we do, and we're looking forward to playing them for a crowd =D

I'll be playing bass and lead vocals for all of the songs but Aerials, where my friend Yari is helping us out, I'll be playing bass and backup vox while she sings lead.


Anyway, should be a blast, hopefully we'll get it filmed.


Well I'll be damned...FREE LIVE MUSIC?

Well, I was a little dissapointed when my halloween submission oonly recieved one review. I know it's fairly short and it only got a 3.1, but let me know what you think anyway?

This post needs more content, so how about checking out or shit band on myspace? We're playing a cover of Hangar 18 on the 12th of November, so expect me to spam a video of that on the BBS and my blog.


Check out Serj Tankian's new album. It's freely available to listen to on his myspace (online). If you're an old SOAD fan or interested in hearing his new music, check it out. Personall I love it. Listening to it at the moment as a matter of fact <3.

Notable songs:
-Empty Walls
-The Unthinking Majority
-Saving Us
-Sky is Over
-Lie Lie Lie
-Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Well those are my favorites, check it out!

So yeah, leave a review on my toon, and I'll make another post at some point, enjoy our new band logo as the picture of the post ^_^

Care to review? Plus music plugs!

Hey guys, just a quick bit of shameless self advertising. Check out my new audio submission! It's just a quick bit of demo music from a practice session we had. Our drummer couldn't make it so we tried writing a bit of original music. Let me know what you think!

We have Matt on lead guitar, Michael on rhythm and Me on bass. Enjoy?

If you want to hear (a little) more, check out our Myspace page. Where there's a two and a half minute recording of general riffing and some inane chatter :) if you're interested, add us! We're whoring out our URL!

That's enough for now, happy Sunday.


EXTREME RIFFS (New audio + band plug)


2007-10-07 08:03:52 by Trinidex

Please, do. Comments make me happy, I love when people interact with any sort of content I create, whether it's a thread, or my blog, or this blog, or submitted something to NG.

In my experience, stuff I start never gets commented on as much as I'd like. I've seen lots of front page posts get comments, and not mine :/ please drop me a line. I'm one of the few NG members that's usually up for a proper chat, rather than the latest NARUTO or TANKMEN.

If you read this, please either:

Message me?
Review my first audio?
Comment or add me on myspace?
Comment my blog?

Do something!

High RESOLUTION doodle


So... I've been working on a music video for a short while, a lemon demon (see my first post). And it's coming along nicely, if a little slowly.


Do you think I should complete it in time to submit it for Halloween? get it in the collection, etc.? With it being a sort of evil theme and wizardy it would probably suit it. Or would I be better just sending it in as a regular submission? To avoid the influx of other great movies and mass voters on 'ween?

Click here

Also, I made a shitty animation for my neighbor's web page (he has his own business). Now the guy's usually drunk on the weekends, meaning he forced $100 on me for this piece of shit. Not bad ey? I'm actually rather fond of the Dalek.

So yep, comment bitches. I'm off for a cuppa what what.

Halloween? Or regular submission? +DALEK!

I played a gig!

2007-08-14 23:30:37 by Trinidex

And it was AWESOME. Seriously, went a lot better than I thought it would. It was a school concert, but we got to pick our own songs. There was about 8 other bands there so it made for a great night out.

We played:
*Dying in Your Arms by Trivium
*Ace of Spades by Motorhead

Now unfortunately our proper singer was sick with flu, so I had to sing the first song (we got another guy to do Ace of Spades). And since I was sick with flu as well, I think I did an alright job ;)

Anyway, drop a comment, tell me what you think, don't be too harsh :P


And if you're in a good mood, add us on Myspace

HUGE thanks to Renee who filled in for our drummer for the first song.
Mad props to sam for drumming backwards because of a broken foot XD

Also happy Clock Day.

So these lemon demon music videos always seem well received, if they are done well that is. And so far I think mine is being done well. Here's a preview, tell me what you think, add some comments and stuff.


Mainly as a tribute to the new Harry Potter book (fantastic by the way). But also for fun. I need a nice easy project to keep me busy.

IN OTHER NEWS. My band is opening for a gig on August 14th which should be good (opening, meaning we're the shitty support band). It'll be our first gig so we're all looking forward to it, If I can get it filmed I'll probably post it on here at some point.

So leave some comments on the flash movie, and I'll probably respond, and I'll post again on the front page same time next week just to update, thanks for reading!


What I'm working on - A Lemon Demon!